A Little History of the World No.16 

Back to the Mediterranean and it’s time to meet one of the most incredible figures in ancient history. After the assassination of his father Phillip, Alexander was crowned King of Macedonia, a small country north of Greece. But that wasn’t enough for him. Over the next 12 years he marched eastwards and in a very short time ruled a huge kingdom that stretched all the way to India.

What’s even more incredible is how young he was; seriously you should go and find out more about him. 


A Little History of the World No.14 

After conquering Babylonia and Egypt the Persians turned their sights on Greece. Over 20 years two kings, Darius and Xerxes repeatedly attacked the islands.

Partly because they were more forward thinking, and partly because they were fighting for their lives, the Greek tribes united to push back the invaders time and time again. 


A Little History of the World No.13 

Here’s one of history’s remarkable stories: a small tribe from what we now call #Iran rebelled against the Babylonians who ruled them. Within a few years they changed the map, and their king Cyrus I ruled over a huge stretch of land. He called himself The King of Kings. His son and grandson Darius and Xerxes would carry on his empire after he died. 

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A Little History of the World No.12 

A 300 year period in Greece brought us some of the foundations of the modern world, a culture and ideals that many if us still believe today. 

Where would we be without ancient greece?

Image credits: Benjamin Harlow, Juan Pablo Bravo, Michael V Suriano & Simon Child from The Noun Project


A Little History of the World No.11

OK so it’s 800 BCE and now we can introduce some people you’ve definitely heard of. But Ancient Greece wasn’t really a single society as the name suggests, but a collection of smaller, competing, tribes. They included the Ionians who founded Athens and the Dorians better known as the Spartans.


Ok so you know about the ancient Egyptians, and the Romans and the Greeks, but how do they all fit together? Who came first and did they exist at the same time? We’ve compressed 3150 years of history into, ahem, 15 seconds to show you how the ancient world looked.

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