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Video Essay

The Long Game Part 1

All of history’s biggest achievers found success in exactly the same way, and it’s the complete opposite to how we think today. This video essay reveals the hidden secret to creativity through the life story of Leonardo da Vinci.

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Watch Part Two here. Da Vinci's Ghost by Toby Lester For more on DaVinci's little known early years, take a look at some of these books.

This series began as a series of short articles on Medium.

About the essay

All paintings and archive in the Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons & Prelinger Archives Ultimate Fails Compilation via YouTube. The Craig Ferguson Show © CBS Music released under a Creative Commons Licence "Nola" by Broke for Free "Lullaby" by _ghost With extracts from: "Frozen Star" by Kevin Macleod "William Tell Overture" by Giachino Rossini Story Design and Production by Adam Westbrook Published by Delve.
Released under a Creative Commons Licence