• Video Essays by Adam Westbrook

What do aliens think about humans? In 2017?
What do aliens think about corporations?
The journey continues: who are the advanced species on 806.4616.0110?
The start of a new series: come and discover an alien world.
Finally an explanation for why things always go wrong!
A story about refugees, terrorists and the death of the western world.
Essential advice for anyone who wants to live a creative life.
Can’t concentrate? Here’s the terrifying reason behind our short attention spans.
One day the government will pay you a salary so you never have to work
The surprising reason that you will never meet your soul mate
One unlucky man and why history is sexist, racist and snobbish.
Do we control the time or does it control us?
The amazing true story of a humble fruit and a cold war coup!
The story of the start of World War One – told backwards!
The simplest explanation of how binary works you’ll ever see.