delve shouldn’t be here

delve doesn’t really belong on the noisy, social web. My videos are not nearly as enticing as a cat video; they do not simplify topics into lists and they don’t try to explain everything you need to know in 90 seconds or less.

They make you wait a bit longer to understand the big idea. Sometimes they start slowly or take a winding detour; and they always ask you to concentrate.

Like I say, delve doesn’t really belong. Most people who see it on YouTube or Vimeo don’t get it, but hopefully if you have made it all the way over to this quiet, out of the way, part of the internet you’re at least a little bit curious.


My name is Adam and I am a professional video essayist.

I am very lucky. Every day, I get to pile through books and discover things I didn’t know about history, science, philosophy, or something else entirely.

Then I work my ass off for several weeks to turn the knowledge I have uncovered into short videos. I call them video essays.

Each time my mission is the same: to make something complicated (or seemingly boring) completely and unashamedly fascinating. I use a box of narrative and visual devices to do this (which you can learn more about over here).

Then I put them up on the noisy, social web, for free and without advertising.

you’re very rare

My hope is that more people will carve out a bit of time in their lives to feed their mind a little feast of wisdom and serendipity.

But right now this little part of the internet is very quiet indeed. Our busy digital world does not reward or encourage deep thinking, learning for the sake of it, or a little bit of reflection.

That is why making time to do it is so important.

delve doesn’t belong because it’s made for a world that doesn’t exist yet. I hope one day that will change.

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