What is delve?

Delve is a project with a simple aim: to inspire your curiosity by making complex ideas fascinating through our video essays.

Each month we publish a long-form video essay exploring history, philosophy and other humanities in an unexpected way.

We also publish more regular videos on Instagram.


Delve is founded on the idea that knowledge matters. Our generation faces huge challenges in the decades ahead: it is up to us to make sure we're as well prepared to deal with them.

It's not about sounding smart at dinner parties or being able to memorise facts. Delve focuses on timeless knowledge: the bigger patterns and connections that make sense of our world.


Delve was started by web video maker Adam Westbrook in January 2014.

Combining a journalistic training for quickly understanding complex ideas with an understanding of story and a careful visual eye we craft videos which, we hope, are fascinating.

Each video is carefully designed to make the knowledge within unashamedly fascinating.

The full story

If you want to read more about the problems delve is trying to solve read this manifesto.


You can email Adam through Hot Pursuit Press, his studio.